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2016 Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Meri100km

 The Lost Horizon

Between dangerous cliffs and steep drop offs, you will be trekking over mud and gravel, and traversing mountainous routes that even locals do not take lightly.

Immerse yourself in the presence of the sacred Mount Meri. Undera bright blue sky and among unforgiving wind you will feel the presence of immortality on earth.

YouBeng, a rest stop on the road of pilgrimage to Mt. Meili, where countless devout souls pay their homage, is a place that is a witness your ultimate journey.

You will be on the same path as Tibetan pilgrims, a path that signifies purity and faithfulness. This is a place of solidarity and unseen landscape. Running at over 3,200 meters, this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

The Lost Horizon[Shangri-La]

The Lost Horizon is a region that borders Tibet, located towards the southern end of the Himalayas. The altitude of the region is between 3,280 and 6,740 meters.

Meri Snow Mountain

Meri Snow Mountain is the most sacred place in Tibetan Buddhism. The main peak, Kawa Garbo, is the tallest point in Yunnan Province at over 6,700 meters. The mountain range is covered by the Mingyong glacier that carved the landscape that we see today. Although several attempts were made to conquer the high peaks of the region, none were successful.

The Most Difficult Ultra Marathon In Asia - The Road of Pilgrimage

Starting in a valley of 2,000 meters, the course rapidly climbs to 5,500 meters. You will experience all four seasons during the race, and trek through different terrains along narrow mountain paths. The course brings you dramatic changes of landscape. You will be running through dense vegetation and then suddenly find yourself on a grassy plain.

Due to the primitive nature of the course, there are certain parts of the course that can only be hiked. Shangri-La is undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges you can take on. The combination of altitude, climate, and landscape on Mount Meili will be relentlessly pushing your endurance and your mental fortitude to the limit.

Shangri-la Ultra Marathon is a very difficult race that requires conditioning and mental fortitude to complete. It will push your mind and body to limit.


   RACE DAY:May 21th, 2016 7:00 AM start time. 

START LINE:Diqing • China •  Meri Snow Mountain in Deqin County


 Course Time Limits (h)



Click to view the game map



 17 May 2016 Tuesday        9:00 AM-12:00 AM       2:00 PM-6:00 PM
 18 May 2016 Wednesday    9:00 AM-12:00 AM       2:00 PM-6:00 PM       7:00 PM-9:00 PM
Location:China •  Shangri-La Changzheng Avenue  • Shambhala Kalachakra Mandala(Shambhala Cultural Museum Center)

2、 COURSE MEETING(Chinese & English)

18 May 2016 Wednesday      2:00 PM-3:30 PM      COURSE REVIEW MEETING-- English
18 May 2016 Wednesday      4:00 PM-5:30 PM      COURSE REVIEW MEETING-- Chinese
Location:China •  Shangri-La Changzheng Avenue  • Shambhala Kalachakra Mandala(Shambhala Cultural Museum Center)

3、Potatso 13km Experience Program

 19 May 2016 Thursday
7:30 AM     Meet at Shambhala Cultural Museum Center,Depart to Potatso
8:00 AM     Depart on bus to start line
9:00 AM     Arrive in Potatso
9:30 AM     Experience Program Start
1:00  PM    Experience Program Cut-Off Time
2:30 PM      Depart on bus back to Shambhala Cultural Museum Center

4、DEPART Shangri-La to Meri Snow Mountain

20 May 2016 Friday
8:00 AM      Meet at Shambhala Cultural Museum Center, Depart to Meri Snow Mountain
9:00 AM      Depart on bus to start line
12: 00 PM    Lunch (on your own)
3:00 PM       Arrive in Feilai Temple Check-in to Feilai temple  Hotel (3 nights)
5:30 PM       Dinner    


21 May 2016 Saturday
4:00 AM - 4:30 AM        Runner breakfast
4:30 AM                       Depart on bus to start line
6:00 AM                       Arrive in START
6:00 AM - 6:40 AM        The referee carrying equipment to check for you
6:40 AM - 6:55 AM        Opening Ceremony
7:00 AM                       Race start
2:00 PM                       24 km Race cut-off time
6:00 PM                       45 km Race cut-off time
9:00 PM                       55 km Race cut-off time


22 May 2016 Sunday
8:00 AM                      100 km Race cut-off time
7:00 AM – 9:00 AM       Breakfast
6:27 AM                      Feilai temple to see the sunrise
10:00 AM                    Issuing awards &  All the people together to photograph
11:30 AM                    Meet at Feilai Temple Hotel,Depart to Shangri-La

12:00 AM                    Depart on bus to start line
13:00 PM                    Lunch (on your own)
18:00 PM                    Arrive in Shangri-La
 18:00 PM                    End of the event, we hope to see you again in 2017

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Participants must be 20 years old by the race date (born before December 31st, 1995).Participants should engage in regular running exercise, and should be in healthy condition to engage in physical activities. Everyone is encouraged to participate in events based on their own conditioning. Participants with the following conditions should not participate in the event:

1.Cardiovascular disease

2.High blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease

3.Coronary heart disease

4.Diabetes or hypoglycemia

5.Any other heart conditions

6.Any other conditions not suitable for sports

Required Gear

24 km

cell phone, space blanket, whistle, 500 calories worth of food, water bottle or water pack that contains 1 liter of water, bandage, course map, portable oxygen tank, and hiking stick

45 km、55 km and 100 km

head lamp and extra battery, cell phone, space blanket, whistle, 500 calories worth of food, water bottle or water pack that contains 1 liter of water, bandage, course map, portable oxygen tank, and hiking stick

Race Distance Change

You can change the distance you are running. Please inform the organizing committee via email at least 30 days before the race if you want to change your distance.

Other Issues

Please run the distance you signed up for, and follow the trail. Any changes during the race will result in Did-Not-Finish. Your entry cannot be sold or transferred to others without written consent of the organizing committee.

No refunds will be provided.  If you were unable to participant in the marathon for special reasons, please send us an e-mail about your application. It must be sent in 30 days advanced. We can transfer your eligibility to the next race. If you missed the deadline, we will not provide the service but cancel your eligibility. 

You acknowledge to the facts provided in the registration form, and there are no material omissions. In addition, any identifying documents you provide to the organizer are true and valid.

Please place your bib in a visible spot for easy identification by our volunteers and staff.

Please put the timing sim card in a secure location prior to the race.

 Please do not litter during the race. There will be garbage bins along the race, or you can leave the garbage at the aid stations.

Please be respectful of the local culture and customs. Please obtain permission before you take photos or approach the pilgrims you encounter during the race.

Entry Tips

Geography and Climate

Mount Meri is located northwest of Shangri-la, in the southeast of the Himalayas with a snow line at 4000 meters. The lowest altitude is about 1480 meters, and it climbs to over 6400 meters. The course is in the mountain range with steep inclines and descents. It presents a tremendous challenge for all runners regardless of experience and conditioning.

Mount Meili has difficult terrainnand volatile weather. During the summer months, temperatures at the foot of the mountain can be between 11C and 29C, while the upper parts of the mountain range from -10C to -20C. Temperatures change drastically from morning till evening. In May, Mount Meili has a high chance of snow and rain. Organizers will provide weather forecasts at least a week in advance. However, the weather is unpredictable, therefore everyone is encouraged to bring sufficient clothing. Lastly, the Mount Meili area has high UV exposure due to the high altitude. Everyone should bring sun screen and long sleeve clothes to protect themselves against the UV light.

Tips and Warnings

Runners should arrive in Shangri-la one or two days prior to the race to get acclimated to the climate and altitude. Many people experience altitude sickness. You could try the following methods to alleviate your symptoms. 

Take altitude sickness pills

Eat food high in vitamins and potassium

Bring a portable oxygen tank

Drink water

Eat vegetable

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

 Due to the high altitude and general lack of oxygen, you will notice you get tired quicker than usual during physical activities. Please begin the race with a mild pace, then adjust base on your condition. If you experience headache, vertigo, dizziness, vomiting, breathing difficulty, chest pains, or any other symptoms related to altitude sickness, they may be signs of a serious condition. Please stop immediately and use the oxygen tank intermittently while you rest for your heart rate to drop back to normal.

Recommend belongings

Things below may help

Sunscreen cream

Running hat

Two pairs of Professional off-road running shoes

Fast-dry and reflective T-shirt/pants

Energy gum/salt pills

Dedicated kettle/filter kettle

Mobile phone

Motion camera/camcorder

Change clothes after the game


Most Non-Chinese citizens need a visa to enter China. We recommend you prepare your travel documents for the【Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Meri 100km】 as soon as possible, for example, Chinese visas, air tickets and the check-in hotel reservations.

When you apply for a visa, if you provide your flight details and hotel information in advance you will not need an invitation letter. If you need an invitation please contact the organizing committee and we will send you an invitation letter for your visa application.

All non-Chinese citizens will need a visa to enter China, for more information, please visit the website of the Chinese Embassy

Entry Download

For Entries

But this is more than just a race......

Regardless of the outcome, you will not be the same as you when you began the race. Life is a constant challenge, and continuing to challenge yourself is a difficult task. However, living life means constantly struggling to break through and testing your limits, and that is the idea that drives us at UTRMA.  

2016 Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Meri100km

1、Pudacuo experience run

 Scene tickets : Potatso

 BUS – Pudacuo -the downtown of Shangri-La


 Food: water/ functional beverage(Red bull)/potatoes

 AIMS: stations and ambulances

 Staff: organizers/ volunteers/rescue workers/medics

 Pre-event meeting: professional introductions.  

 Intraday accident insurance: 0.2 Million RMB

 (The events not in the list are not included )

2Shangri-La Ultra Marathon Meri 100km  

 Scene tickets: Meri Snow Mountain and Feilai temple

 BUS: sart point - the downtown of Shangri-La

 Includes: 2 breakfasts 2 lunches 2 dinners 

 Participation certificate            

 Goodie bag                      

 Race BIB number                 

 Timing chip                    

 Official race shirt               

 Official finisher certificate                

 Collectible finisher medal                  

 Runner’s handbook                   

 Waterproof map         

 Supply stations 

 Water & food /beers/coffee/fruits 

 Course aid-stations        

 Staffs: organizers/ volunteers/rescuers/medics  

 Professional introductions/ previous champion’s experience share

 Accident insurance: 0.5million RMB for 4 days.

 Rescue Whistle

 (The events not in the list are not included )




   – Potatso

 Scene tickets : Potatso

 BUS – Pudacuo -the downtown of Shangri-La

 Food: water/ functional beverage(Red bull)/potatoes

 intraday accident insurance: 0.2 Million RMB


     B – Meri Snow Mountain

 Scene tickets: Meri Snow Mountain and Feilai temple

 BUS: sart point - the downtown of Shangri-La

 Includes: 2 breakfasts 2 lunches 2 dinners

 Water & food /beers/coffee/fruits 

 Accident insurance: 0.5million RMB for 4 days.

 (The events not in the list are not included )

Please note!

!![Shangri-La  Ultra Marathon Meri 100】 race runner only need to pay RMB 50 yuan fare in [Pudacuo 13 kilometers] plateau to run!!

There are four stages of registration fees    【Stage 1】   1--100 

                                                             【Stage 2】101--300 

                                                             【Stage 3】301--400 

                                                             【Stage 4】50   

100 km     55 km/45 km       24 km
STAGE 1 $495 usd $455 usd $395 usd
$595 usd $555 usd $495 usd
STAGE 3 $695 usd $655 usd $595 usd

Shangri la ultra Marathon Organizing Committee letter to runner:

UTRMA is the only host the 2016 La marathon limit, the right to host the 100 Meri organization,This event also won the ITRA (International cross country run association) certification.In order to ensure that your seat and your interests from infringement, please go to the official website of UTRMA, the Registration Platform for registration.

Registery fee (RMB)


Accompanying family members

  • Name


    Project Type

    Type Of Certificate

    ID Number



  • Common Price:¥


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